Chorizo and Co

The wave of Spanish influenced menus and restaurants that has flooded the culinary world over the past few years has for the most part left Victoria dry. For all that Spanish cuisine seems like an easy sell, Victorians have been slow to jump aboard. With the familiarity of European cuisine, but with a bit of heat and a smattering of North African flavours, there tends to be an earthiness to Spanish dishes that put some people off (not to mention some very pronounced seafood flavours). It’s nothing that a holiday to Bilbao or Barcelona wouldn't take care of, but if you haven’t had the opportunity to eat mysterious fishy things in a sketchy bar in the middle of the night, your romance with Spanish cuisine may not yet have begun.

Chorizo and Co is a good starting point for Victorians who lack experience with Spanish food. The menu is basic and  approachable, but with a sincere attempt at authenticity. The sandwiches are a little more tarted up than you might find in Spain, but the extra garnishes are well within the confines of the theme. The bread from Frye’s bakery is well above average and is reminiscent of something you might receive in Spain. The proteins, from chorizo, to squid, to Serrano ham and cheeses, are lovely, fresh and genuinely Spanish. The tortillas are exactly what you would be served in Spain and will make you nostalgic if you've ever wolfed these satisfying eggy wedges down while recovering from a late night.  Other items such as soups, salads and empanadillas (filled pastries), round out the menu. Desserts are simple and again, refreshingly Spanish.   

The deli counter provides several meat and cheese options and there is a very small retail area, with some unique Spanish imports, like tinned cockles. It would be interesting to expand this area a bit more. Spanish food imports are hard to come by in Victoria.

Prices are reasonable, the ambiance comfortable and the service was excellent.

807 Fort St 250 590 6393

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