More Schwarma Love

I continue to be delighted by the increasing availability of Middle Eastern food in Victoria. I have now consumed all of the Beirut Express menu and last night's lamb schwarma platter ($11.99) and falafel platter ($10.99) definitely take the cake for variety and value.  The wraps are tasty too, but the platters are considerably more substantial for a moderate increase in cost. The lamb served with rice and tahina was tender and hot, similarly the falafel served with pickled cabbage, a couple of dolmades and tahina was generously portioned and a satisfying vegetarian option. We tried both the tabouleh and fataoush salads as part of the combos. Considering the composition of fataoush (vegetable and bread salad), I thought it might be soggy, but the pita was nice and crunchy. The humus side was not overpoweringly garlicky and nice and creamy.  While not loaded with ambiance, I like Beirut Express for takeaway. You can take it home and it feels like real food, not fast food.

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