The Whole Beast

The Whole Beast: Artisan Salumeria 2032 Oak Bay Ave (between Foul Bay and Elgin) tel: 250-213-1226,Tues-Sat 0am-6pm

Adjoining the new Village Butcher location on Oak Bay Avenue, The Whole Beast brings some new meat to Victoria shoppers. Unlike the raw products sold at the butcher shop next door, the Whole Beast serves a wide variety of housemade cured meats, dry sausage, pates and terrines.  If you like charcuterie and salumi, you're going to be excited about this place. For all that owner Cory Pelan apologized for being out of a few things, I couldn't beleive the selection. It's alot of work and planning to keep the shelves stocked with high-labour, specialty products and much to my delight there was plenty to choose from. We ended up taking a couple different types of bacon and a chunk of country style pate with morel mushrooms home for our dinner for a mere $7.  Well worth a visit for salumi fans and general meat lovers alike!

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