About Us

UPDATE - May 18, 2008
Some changes are coming to The Little Piggy - Reviews. While remaining critical in style, I will be focusing on restaurant recommendations. Reader feedback indicates that this is the most valued aspect of the reviews. As my time decreases I want to make sure I'm serving the most important goal. Similarly, with less time, I am far less interested in eating crappy food and struggling through awkward service. Seeking out notoriously bad restaurants to review has become undesirable. That said, as my family and friends would surely suggest, my compliments can sometimes be interpreted as aggressive - so to clarify: new reviews are intended in some way as recommendations. I hope what makes those recommendation plausible, is their critical style.

About Us

My name is Christabel Padmore and after years of deconstructing restaurants, sometimes to my dinner-mates' dismay, I decided to create a venue to express my thoughts. Our goal is to enhance communications between restaurants and their clients, encourage an active dining scene on the Island, and generally make a positive contribution to our industry.
We say what we think, complete with colourful adjectives and self-deprecation. I take my journalistic integrity seriously, but don't hold myself to impossible standards -- I'm only human, but my motivations are sincere: I want people to eat out more and I want restaurants to give their clients a reason to come back. I write from my perspective, which I hope is thoughtful enough to be balanced. Sometimes people disagree.

We don't accept advertising from restaurants on the site, but we will promote our own projects. Some people send me grumbly notes about that practice, but in order to justify the time and money I put into the site, there needs to be some business-positive outcomes (and Revenue Canada is quite fussy on this point as well).

Our details:

I have a professional background in cooking, journalism and education and as an operator of Little Piggy Catering . Some of my specific credentials are:

  • 8 years as a restaurant owner and 17 years in the restaurant business
  • 10 years writing about food and wine
  • Red Seal Chef Certification (BC)
  • Food Systems and Security: Ryerson University
  • Master of Education: adult education (UBC)
  • Certificate in Journalism (Langara College)
  • Advanced Wine and Beverage training - ISG, SWE

If you would like to get in touch regarding the site or its content you can email us at thelittlepiggy@gmail.com