Vis a Vis

2232 Oak Bay Ave 250-590-7524

UPDATE March 2013 - Vis a Vis gave up. Yep, it's over. They're re-launching the space, integrating it into the pub next door, but with restaurant licensing. The only bright side, if you wanted to go the Penny Farthing Pub with your kids, there is now a space licensed appropriatly.

UPDATE March 2012: Great news - Jeff Keenliside is the new chef of Vis a Vis and the Penny Farthing! A very talented guy, I'm looking forward to checking out how he makes his mark.

By far the Victoria culinary powerhouse of the moment. Great vision, execution and innovation. There's a lot of intellectual and physical work going into this menu. Patty and I have been sitting at Vis a Vis, rubbing our heads overwhelmed with the energy going into some of these dishes. We've been twice in November and we were delighted to see the menu had changed in several respects between our two visits - that means we can visit often, yay! The star of last night's dinner was the Phesant Sausage with Buckwheat Waffle. It was the last thing we ordered, but the flavours and textures of this dish and it's multitude of garnishes was a triumph. Other winners were the Oxtail and Foie Gras Ravioli, which was served in a luxurious consomme, and the Chorizo Corndog and Manchego Cheese Fondue.

Vis a Vis also sports a spectacular by the glass wine list. Wines are available in a variety of price ranges, but if you're in the mood for  something fancy, say a glass of Perrier Jouet, they serve high end wines by the glass - that's fun!

A note: It's a small restaurant and we have yet to secure a table, alternatly sitting at the bar. If you want a table, best to plan a trip outside of the busy time. That said, the tables are wheelchair accessible, which is a bonus for those of us with loved ones with mobility issues.

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