Saigon Nights

915 Fort St - 384.2971 Tuesday to Saturday 11 AM - 3 PM, 5 PM - 830 PM, Closed Sunday and Monday


Saigon Nights is just up the road from our shop and I'd noticed that it had quite the hustle and bustle in the evening, so we decided to give it a try after work on night. I was pleased to be able to add one more cheap, convenient and tasty restaurant to my list of locals.

Not a flawless dining experience, we liked the food and the prices we're value oriented. The menu is designed for sharing or very piggy eaters. We shared an appetizer, soup and meat entree and it was more than enough to provide a light lunch for two the next day - for $30 you can't complain about that. The menu is fairly short for a Vietnamese restaurant, but that's ok with me, I'd rather people focus on their competencies and keep their costs down.

The restaurant is a weird design and considering how busy they were, could be easily reformatted to seat more people in a more organic fashion. Patty and were quickly seated at the only available table in the front window. The table seemed oddly huge, or, we were so tired from work that we felt oddly small. We received tea quickly and Patty and both ordered beer. Not much of a wine and beer list to speak of, I ordered a Heineken and Patty ordered a Kirin, as they were out of the other Asian import he wanted.

Our food arrived in a peculiar, backwards order (meat, soup, appetizer), but ultimately were all on the table at the same time, so no big deal. The fried pork chop with rice, was hot and crispy and a nice change from the usual high fat meat dishes more common to  Chinese cuisine. The soup was huge, the beef appropriately rare and then cooked by the soup and the bean sprouts, cilantro and lime condiments appropriately fresh. The salad rolls appetizer was huge and included a pork and prawn filling with a very flavourful peanut sauce. All the dishes were prepared with skill and I was pleased with better than average chili sauce.

After receiving friendly and adequate service for most of the meal, at the end of the meal they lost it. The head server sat down to chat with friends, leaving a single, inexperienced server with limited language skills, to serve about 40 people. It took a long time to get the bill and we finally gave up and went to the bar to pay.

Despite some service failings, I was happy with the food, speed of service pricing. I can't stress enough however, that the portions are huge and designed for sharing. As a neighbourhood restaurant, I definitely see myself going back to Saigon Night once a month for a quick dinner on my way from work. 

reviewed September 19, 2007