The Pink Bicycle

1008 Blanshard St tel: 250-384-1008

Oh, how the rumours flew....Pink Bicycle is open....I saw the bike...something about a Yorkshire burger....
Well, there's no Yorkshire burger, grumble, grumble, but otherwise The Pink Bicycle is a nice a addition to the neighbourhood.

A simple menu focusing on quality products and burger worship - I'll be corrected if I'm wrong, but this must be the product of some reactionary young people? There's some love in this place, these folks must have felt really hard done by their local burger options. I can sympathize...

Patty and I turned up after work,  were quickly seated in a pleasantly occupied restaurant. The service was quick and friendly. We ordered a bottle of wine from the brief but, well paired list and a couple of burgers. I had the bison burger with onion rings ($16) and Patty had the Swine burger with fries ($13). The food arrived quickly and with astute presentation. This was a full meal, but not overly portioned  - maybe too much for a light eater, but perfect for a dinner of 'burger.' I liked the bun (from Bond Bond's next door, inspiring Patty to discuss the complexity of burger bun construction), and the pickle and the 'olive on a long toothpick,' garnish made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  The onion rings were well above average, but did need a bit of salt and I thought could have benefited from a little cornstarch or rice flour in the batter for crispness. My burger was good with Vancouver Island raised Bison, of which I'm a big fan, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce. A well proportioned burger with fresh products - I was happy. If I was splitting hairs I might go for a more interesting BBQ sauce, something boozy perhaps, and maybe a sharper cheese. Patty's teriyaki style pork burger was also tasty and certainly interesting - the only minor drawback was canned pineapple, half as much fresh pineapple would have been spectacular. Patty's Kennebec fries were fresh and crispy with good flavour.

The ambiance, music and art were all very comfortable and modern. The prices aren't bargain, but feel like reasonable value for quality products. Hopefully, the Pink Bicycle gets the opportunity to open a little later, because this is the kind of thing I feel like eating after an evening at work.

Feb 17, 2009