Cabin 12
607 Pandora Ave Tel: (250) 590-1500

I'm not sure where the name Cabin 12 originates from, but it seems I might be alone on the Psycho movie reference. With line ups for breakfast all over town, Cabin 12 features an abundance of seating. Bright and breezy, the service was quick and friendly. With fairly conventional breakfast items, burgers, salads and sandwiches, the menu does not lack a sense of humour with culinary effigies for local celebrities. Considering the downtown location and large square footage the prices are low to cheap. I had the Harl's Burg - a handmade burger patty topped with tomato, an onion ring and a fried egg. A good tasting burger and the fried egg was cooked just right for a pleasant amount of 'squirtage' without being gross. Patty had a steak sandwich - the beef was a little chewy, but considering the price point, not unexpectedly so. Served with fried mushrooms, onion as well as lettuce and tomato, it begged the question - how do you eat a two-sided steak sandwich? Are you supposed to try? I'm going for no, don't even try. The accompanying hashbrowns and fries were fresh and tasty, albethem similar to one another.
There are some fairly significant quirks at Cabin 12, but it's not without charm. As a vehement grumble guts about queueing for breakfast, another option in the downtown core is almost always going to be a good thing.

July 2009