Pizzeria Prima Strada

105-230 Cook St tel:

After being discouraged by long line ups on several occasions, I learnt the secret to getting a table at Pizzeria Prima Strada - go at lunch! Was it worth the wait? For the most part - yes. The pizza is fantastic - fresh, beautiful crust, lovely and simply toppings. I had the Salcissia Piccante - housemade sausage, roasted red pepper, tomato sauce and mozzarella ($13.5). The sausage didn't really have any heat like the name might suggest, but the fennel flavour was well defined and tasty. My mum had the Margherita with buffalo mozzarella ($13.5). The Fairburn Farm buffalo mozzarella is super tasty and was nicely prepared as to not overcook the delicate cheese. Both were great pizzas. The very thin crust does not lend itself much topping, but I could have handled a little bit more of the key ingredients, based on price and total volume of food.

We also shared the Melanzano and Tonno antipasti ($7). It was pleasant and my mum really liked it. It was presented in a small mason jar with warm bread strips. The mason jar is a brilliant idea for reducing labour costs and enhancing consistency. I was less impressed than my mother, but I liked the presentation idea.

We had a half litre of pinot grigio recommended by the server. It's nice to go for lunch and find a server who is familiar with their wine list and is willing to provide thoughtful suggestions. The beverage list is longer than the menu - that's fine with me and I'm sure it's good for the bottom line.

I'll certainly be eating these pizzas again. That said, while the prices aren't high, they aren't a bargain either - we racked up a $60 bill pretty easily. It's a nice treat and I'm sure I'll find myself with a craving in the not so distant future.
Jan 13/09