Posh Sukiyaki and Hot Pot Restaurant

1063 Fort St tel: 250 382 POSH (7674)

Taking over the defunct Med Grill space, it seemed oddly coincidental that a hot pot restaurant would return to this space, having originally been built to house a different hot pot restaurant, quite a number of years ago. Maybe they were ahead of their time?

Posh is a Vancouver chain of restaurants, all with very similar menus. My pastry chef Vicki and Vancouver native, described it as pricey and popular. I've heard worst things about an impending restaurant visit.

We arrived with our staff go-to-girl Bea, in tow. The staff were friendly and responsive, with a whole script of helpful information.  The spiel wasn't overbearing and explained the one item menu (there are a couple of small noodle dishes on the menu, but the sukiyaki was the only item of note). It was also explained that two orders would be enough for the three of us. I don't know why they portion it this way, but it made the whole endeavour quite inexpensive ($15.98 per portion).

Unfortunatly, the liquor license was in place yet, so virgin cocktails were offered; with the first round on the house. It certainly was a good way to get me to try expensive blended juice drinks ($4-5). I had the lychee green tea that included nice chunks of lychee in the bottom. Patty had a strawberry and crushed ice drink, that was pink and fruit - his favourite. Bea was less a fan of her lychee and berry concoction, that was very purple and very sweet.

The sukiyaki arrived with detailed cooking instruction, including the encouragement to dip the cooked meat (pork and beef) in a raw egg before eating. Hey, why not?! It was indeed, much tastier with the egg. Other garnish included, an assortment of tofu - fried, fresh, frozen and curd; mushrooms - shitake, button and cloud's ear; cabbages - napa, sui choy and green; vegetables - winter melon, yam, pumpkin, zucchini. The broth was tasty and all the condiments fresh. We most liked the mushrooms, the cabbages and the pumpkin.

At the end of the meal we were offered rice to eat with the extra sauce. If we weren't full all ready, this would ensure we wouldn't leave hungry. In the absence of booze and with the promo drinks, it was really cheap. I could definitely see myself racking up a bigger bill with alcohol, since the broth is by definition a bit salty.

A little bit unusual, without being complicated, the food was comfortable and the service friendly.