The Noodle Box

  626 Fisgard St and 818 Douglas St

Having quickly become a Victoria fave, the Noodle Box needs little introduction. However, there are a few who have yet to make it down to one of the now, two, locations.

When the Noodle Box opened a few years ago as a food cart, so many of us moaned, "What a good idea, I wish I'd done it." Anyone who'd travelled to South-East Asia or Australia for that matter, had seen this style of mobile dinning and no doubtly fell in love with it. So despite my envy, I was pleased as punch to welcome the Noodle Box and its ensuing success.

The food at the Noodle Box isn't complex, isn't difficult to prepare either and could only be considered innovative in the context of Victoria and it's limited ethnic food scene, but that isn't really the point. It's hot, spicy and wholesome food, that whips a hangover, or even just a bad mood, into shape like nobody's business. I could grumble about the fact that the special of the day, which boasted 12 jumbo prawns actually had a bizarre combination of large and medium prawns and a few shrimp, but it's the kinda place where you really don't care about those kinds of details. 

The prices are reasonable ($8-12 for main dishes) and servings generous (if you can control yourself, you could stretch it over two meals). 

 Reviewed: December 4 2005