The Sushi Bar at the Marina Restaurant

1327 Beach Dr Victoria BC V8S 2N4 Phone: (250) 598-8555 
The Marina is my long time favourite for sushi. A little pricey, the quality of the food is unparallelled in Victoria.

The master sushi chef, David Nakayama, is renowned among sushi aficionados in Victoria as a truly gifted soul. While the menu is extremely simple - nothing but sushi, and a unpretentious selection at that, I never feel the want for more.

The atmosphere is equally simple. A few tables on the parking lot side of the Marina restaurant. While, the Marina might fancy itself a more sophisticated joint, the Sushi Bar retains a modest feel. Not exactly a ripped jeans and flip flop destination, the Sushi bar is certainly casual. The decor pulls from the rest of the restaurant, dark wood and simple elegance, with a smattering of Japanese and fish motif decoration.

One of the best and most distinct things about the Sushi Bar compared to other sushi restaurant in Victoria, is the benefit of the rest of the Marina menu and wine list. It is a wonderful thing to be able to enjoy your sushi with a cold glass of Gewürztraminer. As well, I would recommend the caramelised lemon tart as the perfect dessert to finish a sushi dinner. Fair enough, I'm bastardising the classic approach to sushi dinning, but I'm ok with that. 

Last night, Ryan and I had the Victoria roll (Crab, onion, avocado, lettuce, smoked salmon) $8.95, and the Whale of a roll  (Crab, tuna, salmon, flying fish roe, cucumber, avocado, egg, lettuce) $14.50, as well as a selection of nigiri sushi. Personally, I find the size of the Whale of Roll makes it inedible, Ryan consistently orders it and proclaims its greatness.  The amazing thing about the Whale of the Roll is that it holds together - and that's the magic of the Marina Sushi Bar - not only is it super fresh, but the food is made so very professionally that even the biggest rolls don't fall apart.

For the devout sushi lover, the Marina is your choice in Victoria. If your less of a fan, you might find it a little expensive.

 Reviewed: October 5, 2005