Hernendez - Downtown

in the pedestrian mall in St Andrew's Sq (KPMG Bldg)

Review Update - Jan 10, 2007

With a new space and expanded menu, happy days are here for fans of Hernandez. In addition to the existing tacos (5 for $5), they've added a variety of other familiar and much less familiar Mexican dishes. A purist, I'm still a big fan of the tacos, but I must say the chilli rellenos is the best I've ever had. They're also featuring a number of locally raised meats.

Seating is limited and the space fills up like crazy at lunch time. They have also added a liquor license and serve beer, wine and tequila.

I'd like to see some spicy options or hot sauce available and it's a bummer when I can't get a seat or they're overwhelmed by the volume of customers and the food takes too long. That said, the food is unique and tasty enough that I'm willing to sacrifice a little.

Reviewed: November 6 2005
Tacos - that's it, just tacos - but damn fine tacos.

My friend Tracy, with our shared interest in Mexican food, suggested making a visit to Hernandez, . A literal hole in the wall, the restaurant easily brings back memories of taco restaurants in Mexico. Cheap, filling and fresh, Hernandez serves a menu limited to tacos - on this day, chicken, chorizo and black bean all served on homemade corn tortillas with fresh chilli sauce, and priced around $5 for a serving (4-5 tacos). My feeling is that three orders would be perfect for two people.

Due to minimal seating the restaurant fills up quickly at noon when they open, and on this day we had to wait for a table. The seated diners seemed mindful of the demand and we didn't have to wait too long to sit.