Hernandez - Bay St

CLOSED - Hoping they re-open soon!

1600 Bay St at Shakespeare St (old Baja Grill location) open 5-9pm Tuesday - Friday and 12-9pm on Saturday

Yum - always a favourite of ours, Hernandez has opened up a new location. We've been trying to find the time to take our pastry chef Luis to Hernandez, as he is our resident Hispanic food expert (and a fussy one at that), with the new location on our way from work, we all dropped by to try it out. Let's just say...Luis was impressed...finally.
They have a very limited menu - at this point burritos and huarche (a think soft corn base topped with beans with optional chicken or pork) and jamaica (hibiscus juice), along with guacamole and salsa, available as sides. Patty and I went the the pork huarche and Luis had the same with beans only. Fresh, healthy and tasty. Luis chatted with the owners at some length and was delighted to find they uses proper masa (corn flour treated with lime to release the niacin) for the huarche (he's been complaining about the absence of proper masa in Victoria and how everyone uses the inferior manteca for tamales and tortillas)
We'll definitely be dropping by often to pick up a healthy dinner on the way home for work.