Ferris' Oyster Bar

536 Yates, 250-360-1824

I have hesitated to review Ferris' thus far, as a restaurant I frequent often, but with the addition of a satellite restaurant above the long standing location I feel a review is in order. Not to be confused with one another, what was once Ferris' Oyster Bar is now Ferris' Grill and the new upstairs location takes on the old name. If it seems confusing, that's because it is.

Despite the problem with the name, I like the idea of this much less family oriented 'lounge.' While, serving to take some of the overflow from the street level restaurant, it also satisfies a portion of the clientele who do more drinking than eating.

There small plate menu is reminiscent of the downstairs menu, with a selection of baked oysters, as well as other classics like the pulled pork sandwich. With prices not exceeding $15, and hovering around $10, it's easy snacking. The quality is much the same, moderate, tasty, but familiar and consistent.

I had a baked Portobello mushroom ($8), stuffed with goat cheese. A little heavy on the breadcrumb topping it was nice dish, albeit a fairly light snack for the price.

The ambiance is less cozy then the downstairs restaurant, atmospheric nonetheless. Couches in the front window are definitely the prize seats. The service was the same friendly and familiar service we've all come to expect from Ferris' and in lots of ways that's what makes the whole of the Ferris' experience what it is, both up and down.

Reviewed Nov 17, 2005