Eugene's Greek Restaurant and Snack Bar

Oak Bay - #103 - 1990 Fort St tel: 595-7373

I still remember it like it was yesterday - the day Eugene's opened a second restaurant around the corner from my house. Scrumptious and healthy take-away had just moved in.

I eat at Eugenes's about three times a month, sometimes I walk over for lunch and sometimes I call ahead for a take-home dinner. The food is some of the most consistent in town. Of the hundreds of chicken souvlakis I've eaten, they've all been pretty much identical - warm, chewy pita bread, thick and garlicky tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, onions and tender chicken . . . mmmm.

You can tell this is a family restaurant by the pride clearly taken in the food, space and service. The counter help is zippy and I don't think they've ever screwed up my order. They clearly reserve the task of order-taker for more experienced employees. The eating area is always clean and a bus person is always picking up dishes. You can see the grill and food assembly area and it's always spotlessly clean. Yesterday, I even observed some very thorough hand washing.

My only complaint, I've never seen a woman working as anything more than a busperson or dishwasher - there is a clear macho vibe at the Eugene's grill.

Patty enjoys the availability of Greek beer. Not great beer, but it lends to the authenticity to the experience.

 Reviewed: December 12 2005