Cook St Village Food Court

1109 Mackenzie St.

Can't decide? Why not a food court.

Sounds gross? Maybe. Not this one. The Cook St Village Food Court follows more closely the tradition of the kick-ass South-East Asian food courts, where people go to eat quality food and speed is a lesser concern than in our North American shopping mall version.

There are four restaurants in the food court, one Thai, one Ethiopian, one sushi and Victoria-famous Fantastico coffee. Today, we ate at the Thai and Ethiopian selections. I had the Chicken Green Curry and a soda ($11). A simple dish, but with excellent lime-leaf flavour and an ample serving. Patty had the Ethiopian meat curry platter and a soda ($11). Served on a cool, spongy pancake, with one lentil, one veggie and a beef curry. While not the most elegant of dishes, it's pretty tasty stuff. Ethiopian cuisine involves some lesser known seasonings, which makes it a fun and interesting dish to try.

A little slower than fast food, the food court restaurants work to order and therefore you should to expect to wait 5-10min for your food. That said, if you're willing to wait, you get a sit-down restaurant-quality meal at fast-food prices. 

With limited seating, but including a patio, the Cook St Village Food Court is a fairly fun place to dine. Popular among village locals, so expect a diverse crowd.

 Reviewed: December 19 2005