Cafe MexiGo

Fairfield Plaza, Fairfield Rd

One of several in town and offspring of the full service Cafe Mexico in Market square, Cafe MexiGo provides no frills, basic Mexican and tex-mex dishes.

The space is clean and attractive with predictably Mexican decor. The service is friendly and reasonably efficient.

They serve enchiladas, burritos, soft and hard tacos, salads and a few combinations of these things. Most selections come with either beef, chicken or vegetarian (bean) fillings. The food tastes fresh, including such perishable things as guacamole and salad components. There is a half-decent hot sauce available and variety of others for sale. In addition, they have takeaway dips and margarita mix.

Today, Patty had the chicken enchilada, served with rice, beans and topped with cheese. A hearty dish, it could have been a little spicier. I had the burrito with refried beans and guacamole.  It too could have been spicier, but the portion was generous and the fillings fresh.

With a couple of cokes, our bill came to about $18. Nothing spectacular, but if you have a craving for quick Mexican, Cafe MexiGo will serve you well. 


Reviewed March 19/2006