1075 Fort Street, 385-2129
Well there's something you don't see everyday! A restaurant changing ownership and the new owners lowering the prices! Trust me, we pondered that that for a little while upon arrival at Avalon.

It's been a bouncy few years ownership-wise for this brunch spot, but nevertheless it remains a favourite of mine.

It's a simple concept: bright cheery, albeit minimal decor and healthy familiar menu. In a world full of grotesquely large servings and fat-lathered dishes, the wholesome nature of the dishes at Avalon is greatly appreciated by this little piggy.

Our breakfast-mates Kathryn and Greg both had the Huevos Rancheros ($8.95). Kathryn, a recent transplant from California who is generally, and justly, highly critical of Canadian efforts to simulate Mexican food, was silent on this day. I had the eggs benny ($8.95). The Hollandaise arrived on the side, as requested. However, the eggs were somewhat overcooked. Nevertheless, the sauce was nice and the accompanying pan-fries, crispy. Patty had the all-day breakfast ($7.95): 2 eggs, 2 sausages, bacon or ham, oaten toast, and pan-fries. Patty proclaimed, the right amount of food at the right price.

A few notables: house-made oaten toast, rhubarb-strawberry jam and a tangy hot sauce. These are the kind of touches that distinguish Avalon among the masses of breakfast dinning.

As for the new ownership, the only visible change (other than the prices) is a new face at the helm in the kitchen. While the food was as consistent as ever, the wait to receive our meals was significantly longer than usual. Also, our plates arrived one at a time, with notable delays in between.  This was clearly a kitchen issue.

Patty says...

The importance of breakfast sausages:

Often when I go out for breakfast I order sausages. These little porky devils are a good gauge of a restaurant's food quality. It's easy to tell the difference between the super-cheap ones and the expensive ones and it's likely, if they're shorting you on the sausages, they're also taking shortcuts elsewhere.

 Reviewed: November 11, 2005